What thoughts does winter evoke?


Welcome, February 2017! The weather is warming up and winter is slowly saying goodbye. Those cozy outfits, hats, scarfs, boots, jackets, thicker socks, gloves and anything you can think about to keep you warm, will soon be replaced by lighter pieces.

Racing thoughts that might have shaped our lives during winter come to mind. We are slowly saying goodbye to those memories as the winter fades. What thoughts does winter evoke for you? A wide range of things come to mind, could be food related, relationships, trips, feelings and so much more.

A nice warm coffee

When we associate the winter with food, so many delicacies come to mind. Coffe!!! for the coffee lover. Coffee shops came with new flavors that create new memories for us all. A warm chocolate, yummy… kids love chocolate! Maybe you tried a new pastry or cake. How about that new dish you invented or someone you know?

Relationships, relationships, relationships…

Relationships, on the other hand, tend to leave a greater impact on us. Whether we feel we gained or we lost in our relationships, we will remember our winter as either a happy one or a sad one. Did this winter bring you a new relationship? Are you coping with a loss? Well, today is the time to get stronger and think of new ways to improve our life and our relationships. So, what are you waiting for? Call your friend now!


Trips are another source of memories that impact our winters. I am a big fan of traveling to the mountains during winter to play with the wonderful snow! My kids love that! I am looking forward every winter to travel to Lake Arrowhead, in California just to see the beautiful mountains. The road is magical. That winter pine fragrance is unforgettable. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing those little bright eyes, wide open of excitement looking at the snow and making snow balls to throw at each other. Well, these are the happiest memories for me. How about you?

Feeling wintery sad or wintery happy?

Our winters evoke feelings too. The weather is known to influence our mood. Winter often creates feelings of sadness to some. A recent article by psychcentral.com indicates that we might have a weather personality type. While some might find winter happy, like I do, others might find it depressing. Find your weather personality type and let me know how that goes.

Winter might bring a totally different wave of thoughts for you. As it is said:

each mind is a different world

The truth is that memories shape how we feel now, and now is the time to make improvements. The time to heal ourselves is always today! If your winter brought you happy memories, hold on to those and give thanks.

Feel free to share with us your winter memories. Your escribespace is right here.

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