Maria Connie Villa


Maria Connie is an entrepreneur, Computer Scientist, researcher, author, fashion designer, graphic designer, web developer and a loves inspirational writing. Born and raised in Mexico City, and then relocated to California, she spends her time doing business development consultations and implementations, designing websites, and doing research, writing articles for various enterprises and blogging on


Christina Dudaklian


Christina has lived in Southern California since birth and works in information security in the insurance industry. She has an associate’s degree in social and behavioral science and is currently studying computer science at California State University, Fullerton. Her interests and hobbies are many, including playing the piano, traveling, thrilling rides and activities, learning about new technology, psychology, and forensics. She loves solving logic puzzles and visiting escape rooms in different cities she travels to with her boyfriend. Christina has different levels of experience in a wide variety of subjects, including real estate, notary, computer repair/technical support, spiritual readings, beauty/skin products, shopping, and much more. Her friends call her a “jack of all trades” and frequently ask her for help with many things. She enjoys writing blogs to share her experiences and thoughts with the world.


Linda Torres


Linda lives in  California, she loves to travel, pizza and karaoke gatherings. She is dedicated to helping her community.